Deacon Board
 Led By: Deacon Wilburn Young (Chair)

Prospect Baptist Church Deacons Ministry shall: 

  1. Be faithful in attending the following:
    1. Worship Services
    2. Prayer Service
    3. Discipleship Classes
    4. Sunday School
    5. Leadership Training 
  1. Be faithful in the giving of tithes and offerings. 
  1. Fully cooperate with the church leadership and support Church approved programs. 
  1. Assist the Senior Pastor in the administration of the church ordinances. 
  1. Assist in the preparation of all male candidates for baptism. 
  1. In case of Senior Pastor vacancy, search and find ministers to speak to the congregation. 
  1. Minister to the sick, needy, bereaved, and distressed members of the Church. 
  1. Share the responsibility for the execution of Alphabets call/care and New Members Fellowship with the Senior Pastor. 
  1. Administer collectively the Benevolence Fund as directed by approved Church policy. 
  1. The Chairman of the Deacon Board shall serve as moderator of business meetings in the absence of the Senior Pastor or when the nature of the business affects the Senior Pastor personally.