Whiz Kids Tutoring Program
 Led By: Lena Lawson

Whiz Kids inspires schools, churches and community partners who feel called to support our city’s most vulnerable and empowers them to be difference-makers in the lives of children at-risk for school failure through a well conceived tutoring program.

Most Whiz Kids tutoring sessions are held in urban churches. These churches are often cornerstones of the community, familiar to children and parents alike. Ideally, the urban church takes ownership by providing space for the tutoring program and directing Club Time.Before long, Whiz Kids becomes a platform for reaching even more families in the neighborhood. Many of our tutors are recruited from Whiz Kids’s suburban partner churches, helping to build bridges between the suburbs and the inner-city. Many of these partnerships later blossom into warm working relationships that transcend tutoring.

The Prospect Church has been blessed to become a Whiz Kid partner.  Our church servces as a gathering place where Whiz Kids students and mentors come together to begin their journey.  As a safe and familiar place within the neighborhood we serve, the Prospect Church donates its time and facilities for the students meals, Club Time and tutoring.