Giving Via Text
How to Give via Text

Example = $50

Text: 405-346-8369
For standard ‘tithes and offering’ giving: Enter 50 (hit send)

For specific fund giving (see other fund or ministry-specific options further down below): Enter 50 “keyword” (hit send)
Once an amount is sent:

Registration Link: is sent via text the first time a donation is made
Thank you! Please visit (registration link provided) to register. 

Donation Confirm: sent via text each time a donation is made
Thank you for donating $ (amount)! Text “repeat” to make this
amount recurring or “refund” to cancel this donation.

Giving to a Specific Fund, Ministry or Appeal (e.g. a fund other than Tithes & Offerings)
Members/Donors can send the word “funds” to receive a list
of the Church’s Give by Text Funds or see the current list below:
Fund or Ministry Keyword
Building Fund Build
Benevolent Fund Ben
Christian Education CE
Men’s Ministry Men
Women’s Ministry Women
Music Ministry Music
Youth Ministry Youth
General Ministry Gen